Walkers low catmint (nepeta x faassenii)

Attract both butterflies and hummingbirds with their delightful scent.

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The most popular catmint cultivars grown commercially in this country belong to the hybrid Nepeta x faassenii.Grows best in an average to dry, well-drained soil, in full sun and is drought tolerant once established.Praised for its myriad periwinkle-blue blooms with smoky purple calyces and low, compact fast.

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The plants are named for J. H. Faassen, a Dutch nurseryman, in whose nursery this hybrid first appeared.

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Botanical Name: Nepeta x faassenii PERENNIAL

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Nepeta x faassenii is a sterile hybrid (N. racemosa x N. nepetella) perennial catmint of horticultural origin (Dutch nursery of J. H. Faassen).Landscape Application: The perfect choice for beds and borders.

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Yes, I planted walkers low catmint this year.do I have to cut it back or down each fall.Showy periwinkle blue flower spikes adorn the fragrant mounds of grey-green foliage.Ex-cellent for cascading off walls or container edges and as.

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They form low to medium sized mounds of often grey-green foliage that produces a mass of spikes of lavender.

The flowers of N. x Faassenii are sterile and do not need to be deadheaded to prevent self-sowing.

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Walker's Low Catmint (Nepeta x faassenii 'Walker's Low

Soft, fragrant, gray-green foliage with sprays of large, distinct bluish purple flowers from April to October.

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Excellent for cascading off walls or container edges and as.These flowering perennials are drought-tolerant, fragrant and a pollinator magnet.

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Will benefit from some light shearing after the first flush of flowers in early summer.

Buy Catmint Walkers Low with a Lifetime Guarantee at Brecks.com. Brecks delivers the best.Catmint A rampant bloomer with lavender-blue flowers from April through fall.Zone: 4-8 This low maintenance perennial...If I were to buy a catmint again it would more than likely be Walkers Low which.

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A wonderful low maintenance perennial for drought prone landscapes.

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