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Corydoras - Aquarium Catfish - pictures, Care, Feeding, Food, Diet, Size, Compatibility, Tankmates, Lifespan, Links.I want a bottom feeder in the aquarium and i have owned 2 cory catfish.Cory Catfish diet includes basic food types including fish flakes, pellets and bottom feeder tablets.

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Diet: Omnivore Native to: South America Farm Raised in the US.

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The Peppered Cory Cat (Corydoras paleatus). and Peppered Catfish.Otocinclus Catfish, Tetras, Swordtails and of course other Corys can be a good fit.Corydoras Catfish and other exotic freshwater tropical fish are available at RFI.I bought him at a pet store and I noticed he does not eat,. krill etc. so it fills the meat part of their diet.

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Common Name(s): Pygmy cory, Pygmy catfish Scientific Name: Corydoras pygmaeus.

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Diet: The most difficult aspect of caring for a Cory Cat is the diet.

Common Symptoms. Bacterial. days and continue with a more varied diet including live and plant. even be dangerous to some fish (for example, cory catfish).Although primarily associated with Corydoras catfish, red blotch disease can affect a wide variety of benthic fish, including loaches and other types of catfish.Be sure to supplement this diet of leftovers with sinking pellets or flakes to ensure your fish is.Its diet needs to be supplemented with frozen or live meaty foods.Information and aquatic forum member contributions about such fish as The many plecostomus and Cory Catfish, Oto.

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However, keep in mind that you should also supplement their diet with sinking pellets or flakes.The Pepper Cory is a small, friendly catfish that may be a great addition to your tank.Will accept most foods. Common Name(s): Pygmy cory, Pygmy catfish Scientific Name: Corydoras pygmaeus Family.One of the easiest fish to keep is the playful Albino Cory. Albino Cory, Albino Cory Catfish.

Corydoras catfish are a class of freshwater catfish, and are popular as aquarium fish.Diet: Will take dried food,...

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Choose the peaceful, entertaining, and energetic Corydoras catfish.The Peppered Cory Cat is an. is omnivorous and requires a well balanced diet of.They like to school near the bottom of the tank and help eat leftover food, preventing it from fouling the water.

Cory -Available in several varieties, this popular fish prefers to be in a group of its own kind, though it is non-aggressive with other fish.This data sheet gives you basic information about Emerald Catfish diet, sexing, breeding, distribution, water parameters and compatibility.

Julii Corydoras Information. By. It is also known as Julii Cory, Julii Catfish and Leopard Cory. Diet: Omnivore.

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Categories Categories Additional Information Additional Information.If you have ever brought a group of corydoras catfish home from the store to find that they all died in transport, this article will be incredibly enlightening.The Corydoras Catfish, or Cory Cat, is an excellent addition to most community tanks because of their peaceful nature.

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